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Artwork Guidelines

Screen Printing:
2-3 or 4 spot color
EXCELLENT TIGHT REGISTERED PRINTING is available. Screen printing is good for large imprint areas. Artwork must be solid colors. Lines/rules must be 2 points or greater, include color identification for PMS Inks used in artwork. No screens or halftones. Send vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, EPS. We are PC based. No scanned images.

Include a hard copy with order. Please have your work CAMERA ready, sized and color separated. Alterations such as resizing and color separation will incur a rate of $75.00 per hour net, with 1/2 hour minimum. Please include color identification such as (Pantone coated #521C) Try to select color PMS swatches, the color on your computer screen will not be the same as color printed on paper or plastic bags. Please refer to a quality Pantone Color Chip Book colors 100C - 7547C when selecting your colors. Send vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, EPS. We are PC based. No scanned images.

Please include contact information: Name, Phone, Fax, Company, E-mail and Job Name.

E-Mailing or FTP Files:
Large file sizes attached to emails should not exceed 2mg (compress files for safety), if the file size is larger than 2mb, please upload to our FTP site.

The following steps are for
Windows Explorer window

Open a “My Computer” window by clicking in the “Start” Menu and selecting My Computer.
In the address bar type in :
note that you are using ftp:// not http://

At the “log in” window prompt copy-paste or type in :
publicart -> in user if not already there
cLASSIC1 -> in password if not already there

Once you are in, create a new folder by clicking on “File” then select “New” - 𠇏older”, name your new folder the same as the art that is being uploaded.
Once created drag & drop the art into your new folder with from a separate window, or copy-paste the artwork into it.
When the task is complete close the browser window

The following steps are for
FTP Apps:

Using your FTP software, type the following in the appropriate fields of your software exactly as they appear
Host: bagprinter.com
User: publicart

Once you are in, create a “NEW” folder, name your new folder the same as the art that is being uploaded and drop your art into your new folder.
Note: The port number usually defaults to 21 on most FTP apps.

Please include list of files that will be used in your project if more than one (Front_Panel.eps, Side_Panels.eps, Bottom_Gusset.eps.) Bag templates with guidelines are available by email.
Send artwork and/or template request to art@bagprinter.com

Please convert all text fonts to outlines, curves or shapes. We cannot guarantee the output of unconverted fonts.

Guidelines for custom offset lithography:
for your convenience there is a pdf version here

Hot Stamping:
Artwork must be solid color, no gradients, tints, shades, screens or halftones. Lines/rules must be 2 points or greater. Text should be 14 points or more bold and thick with no thin serifs and letters spaced at least 1.5 points apart. 2 Colors used must be 1/2" apart. No solid area over 1/2" or blistering may occur. Send vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, EPS.
We are PC based. No scanned images.

File Formats:

  • Offset Lithography.
  • Please send a copy of the original artwork.
  • We accept artwork files by: E-mail, CD or via FTP.
  • Artwork should be in the following formats:
  • * PC - Illustrator CS+ -- .EPS, .AI,
  • Please compress files via ZIP or STUFFIT for safety and composure when e-mailed.
  • TIFF & Photoshop files must be 350+ dpi in black and white, unless art will be used for 4 color process printing.
  • We do not accept power point, png files or other non-standard formats.

Four Color Process: Scanned images used in Bag Layout must be in CMYK .tiff, pdf or ,eps at 350+ Dot Per Inch (dpi)

Bag templates: are available up on request.
Standard Screen Ink Colors:
printable version.
PMS Colors:
100C - 7547C:  $53.00 (U)
No PMS Color Match Charge: 2,500 bags or more.

We use gloss inks the following are commercially matched PMS numbers

Black 1935 - Rubine Red
White 200 - Scarlet Red
3965 - Primorose Yellow 219 - Rhodamine Red
108 - Yellow 2612 - Purple
109 - Lemon Yellow 2685 - Violet
1365 - Bright Yellow 2748 - Ultra Blue
1235 - Medium Yellow 280 - Reflex Blue
1655 - Orange 2945 - Peacock Blue
179 - Warm Red 307 - Process Blue
485 - Red 334 - Emerald Green
1797 - Fire Red 3278 - Teal